Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Double Tap

Two quickies this morning as I'm engrossed in a book (and haven't been in a long time so...).

First up this is a photo of my kids after we played outside all yesterday afternoon. It was pouring with rain all day but humid and warm. So I though balls to it - lets go out and do yard work in the flooding. It was far wetter than it was muddier - so instead of ending up looking a bog beast we all get very muddy and then instantly naturally clean by being drenched.

Secondly here's the tail end of the brief recorded Irish dance performance my daughter planned for her mother. As you can see she also wanted me in it. She picked out my outfit of a white shirt (a big one that doesn't fit), mismatching tie and blue jeans. She said it looks, "the best" whereas in reality it's a cross between Jeremy Clarkson and the middle-aged, middle class men in that litter Richard Curtis movies. Actually now I think about it it's the Tony Blair off-duty uniform isn't it?

We'll be hitting the arena tour shortly.

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