Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ninety Four Degrees

It's 94 Fahrenheit right now. And humid. It might not go down now. The weather forecast doesn't have anything different for about a week so I guess it's time to leave the fans on. My daughter had begged me to let her ride the bus home on her last day. I wanted ot pick her up, say thanks to the teachers and not then have her sit on a bus for an hour sweating to sleep. So I picked her up in this -:

Now we are not a stroller family. We did have one initially when my daughter was born. But we did that whole your-baby-is-a-monkey thing after that and I don't think we ever used it. The idea of shoving one on public transport seems horrifying. And stuffing one into a car in the US and then carting it about seems even more cumbersome. So we wore both of our kids everywhere. Except we got this when we moved back to the US. It goes ANYWHERE. It has three bike wheels on it and you can use it to go trail running. Yeah I know! So today I strolled my son over in the sunshine and we walked home to Popsicle Land.

At which point we did quite a bit of this.

My son also made his own Portable Foot Spa which he carts about the back tard and then sits in. It's quite ingenious.

 We did that until the UPS guy showed up with the Hosta's my wife had bought online. "Can you please put them in a bucket?" she said. No honey - I can't. Because you bought so many of them that they take up an entire swimming pool. Not a joke. Oh - and thank you for injuring yourself running a few miles last night in preparation for their delivery - thereby ensuring that I will be the one digging holes for them in 94 degree heat in front yard whilst you "supervise" through the living room window whilst sucking on Italian Ice Pops.

It seems almost planned.

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