Thursday, June 21, 2012

Playground Whoopsie Daisy

I feel half naked right now.

Today I was going to start a naff thing where we go to a different playground every day (obviously that ends after about three weeks - there are loads around here but not 25 plus) and we do a "review" of sorts. But I forgot my camera and my son lasted about three minutes before needing a poo. Which somewhat ruined my amazing plan to get to the playground at just before 8am when it was still cool (which we did, and it was) because the bathroom was still locked. So we'll start that tomorrow I guess. I'm sure it'll be really useful for no-one who lives around here. I might even upload the photos onto Google Maps so that other parents can check out the parks/playgrounds and stuff without needing to go there.

So in the meantime we hung out in the back yard for a few hours. At lunch time we're off out to buy another fan and some apples. I've run out - and frankly without them I feel like I'm shirtless in a public place for no good reason. Which is just one step away from how naked I feel when we I realize we have no onions. When we get back we'll have one more dip in the pool before the footy. In the meantime  - my son has his American Citizen look down pat.

And apparently I've aged quite rapidly overnight. And ignore this shorts and t-shirt look. I normally don't like just t-shirts but it's too bloody hot. And I've seen lots of people doing the white shirt only thing and had a bash at it today. And it's as silly as I thought - looks okay but within ten minutes I was filthy from moving the garden house wrestling the dog.

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