Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beef Jerk


If you've ever had the thought, "....I think I might have food poisoning...?" then you didn't have it. Because you know when you have food poisoning. There's very little mystery about it. Which is how I spent some of my early morning. Evidently nobody else got it (my son had an insane crying fit prompted by nothing for ten minutes but is good as gold now) - and seeing as the only thing I ate a lot of and no-one else did was beef jerky I'm calling it the culprit. They all enjoyed (I use that generously here) Hot Dog Monday while I skipped dinner and went for a run - only to chug on beef jerky when I got back. So today early morning was spent wobbling about all frail and wimpy. Since 10ish I seemedot have stopped puking so took the kids outside to whack walnuts (steady on) and then went off to look for t-shirts for running in. I may feel crappy now - but come evening I'll be tanking and sweating around the countryside like a reliable Rhondda girl.

In the meantime you can enjoy my combined baseball/tennis walnut whacking game. We shall be spending much of the afternoon doing bugger all.

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