Thursday, July 12, 2012

Photographing The Criminally Insane

A few snaps from thelast two days.

She took this one herself. She told me she wanted to take photos like she used to - but then took about 30 pictures of herself making faces.

I was going to get you to read this in Edmund Blackadders's voice with the caption, "a tongue like an electric eel." But then the second part of that line is, "and she likes the taste of a man's tonsils" so it started to seem inapropriate.

This was my daughter's idea to catch rabbits. If you hold a carrot in your mouth they'll hop right in. Can't fail.

This is another of her faces. When I look at this I think of a David Fincher movie where a grizzled cop is bluntly telling another, "...this was the last photo her managed to take of her with his phone. Right before she killed stabbed him seventeen times with screwdriver and ate his eyes and part of his tongue."

Speaking of tongues - my son wanted that photographed at dinner yesterday. He didn't say why.

This may be in soft focus but it's still a good photo.

You could ask Seymour Hoffman, Pacino, Norton, De Niro, Giamatti and Molina to do their best, "imagien every one around you is mental" face and they wouldn't do as well as this. The pajamas are a nice touch too - makes it look like we're all in a mental asylum but he has entirely different reasons for being there than we do.

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