Friday, July 6, 2012

The Haul

"Daddy - why is there a squashed dog in here?"

It's Thrift Store Friday! It's still Fruitloop Friday as well but that's not very interesting anymore. We made the thrift store and we hit another yard sale today (beforehand in case the thrift store had nothing). Actually we hit two. But the second one irritated the tits off me by it's false advertisement. As in a massive sign hung on the major road going through central NY stated in massive sprayed letters, "BIG SALE!!" with a smaller sign boasting about kids toys, furniture and clothes. It was down three other major roads at the end of a cul-de-sac and had nothing at it. It had an old bike, a broken child-seat, a display of old rusted saws (maybe 4 or 5 - all with a laughable price tag of $10 on each of them) and a table covered in what appeared to be home-made knitwear. Wankers. Why would you do that? Nobody who arrives, except maybe an Amish forester with a penchant for old ladies clothes made of wool would be interested in that sale.

Anyhoo - we spent a total of two dollars today. The thrift store was absolutely teeming with brand new Little People stuff. Which is amusing because the farm the kids had has been overplayed with so is out of sight as of last weekend so that they get some sort of interest in it again. So I didn't buy any of it - it'll all still be there anyway. The one yard sale was decent enough. As in loads of tat for no money. Although for some odd reason I seem to live in a hotspot for weird old blokes who collect and display Nascar stuff. Loads of garage sales I go to have the gaudy looking plastic cars as some sort of collection being flogged for absurd prices. As in they've realized that owning them is annoying as it takes up so much space - and now they want to recoup some of the massively inflated price they paid for them in the first place. They also did that weird thing where everything in the sale was 10 cents unless it was related to Christmas. In which case no matter what it was - even if it was clearly a piece of crap from Walmart - and no matter what awful chintzy condition it was in was being flogged for at least $2. Weird.

Anyhoo - I told my daughter to go put stuff she fancied in a plastic bag. And I'm making a visit with bags of our own stuff to donate to the Salvation Army/Thrift Store this week anyhoo - so anything that is no good for us will go straight back out again. She always asks if what she has picked out is suitable anyway and enjoys poking through tote-bins filled with stuff. In this case there were five or six tote bins filled to the brim with guff from craft stores and souvenir stores. The only thing not pictured is the snazzy police helicopter that really caught my son's eye. He managed to break it on the five-foot walk between the car and the house. So in no particular order here's some of it (excluding the usual Halloween guff my daughter loves picking up) -:

First up my daughter asked if she could have this "squashed dog." The very shame of it made me say yes even though it's going right in the garbage. I consider my daughter to be unusually smart - but quite what led her to believe a blue face with big yellow tusks and a trunk is a dog is beyond me.

My son also picked this up. Again I'd normally say no because he has oodles of toys (and he just gave away an identical toy as well). But this is too ridiculous to pass up. He may be faster than a speeding bullet. He may be more powerful than a locomotive. And he may be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. And yes - he can even fly. But apparently he lives in quite a rural location that requires him to drive this penis-extension around. How ridiculous is it? It even has a cape.

Next up - every single kid should be handed one of these. If your kid doesn't have one and has never touched one - then shame on you. I will admit to driving home in the car and telling my daughter to hold it. I genuinely became extremely nervous with the hope that she would solve it within 20 seconds and would say alomst bored that it was easy and she's done with it now. Which she half did - by telling me she got one row of colors to match (they already were). My son that had a go and licked it. Sigh.

Net up - the really cool stuff. As in a bag of NASA souvenir stuff from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. I'm somewhat excited with myself so far that my kids are only peripherally interested in whatever thing is amazingly trendy these days. My daughter does dally with princess-type stuff once every twenty days or so - but mostly she wants to be an athlete/gymnast, a paleontologist, "a Halloween expert" or an adventurer of some type. My son is all about trains, construction vehicles, dinosaurs and also lately - space stuff. There have been some Novascience Now shows on midday on PBS which I've been watching to feed my Neil deGrasse Tyson man-crush. Consequently my son has had some sort of interest in that - along with some Youtube clips of this and that. And it really helps that they have a riding shuttle at the playground we visit twice a week too. It is completely making me giddy with happiness to think my kids could avoid Bratz dolls and other inane shit and stick with this sort of thing instead (unlikely I know...). So it was nice to find a bag of souvenir shuttles!

Anyhoo - that pile has a bunch of toy shuttles, rockets and stuff like that - along with a pile of make-it-yourself foam/paper shuttles like those old-fashioned foam planes you could get at toy stores. .

My son is umbilically attached to this one at the moment. He recognized it as like the playground-one immediatly

We also picked up this thing. It's intended for Tonka cars but my kids attached it seamlessly to the permanently laid-out train track and have been sharing it nicely (oddly...) for about twenty minutes now.

My son also picked up a truck. He can shove these things around for hours.

See that orange blob on the couch? Yes -that is a Jack o-lantern. It was filled with Halloween stuff as well. My daughter just about burst when she picked it up. I have pointed out to her that she is near-obsessed with a holiday that is supposed to be scary, and yet is terrified by 4th of July. She made the point that one is supposed to be scary so it's okay, whereas the other one is scary and nobody seems to notice. Which actually made me laugh out loud and had me comment, "oh I notice - don't you worry." Also she's beginning to understand that she's getting a bargain (technically anyway) whenever she buys the stuff too. Brace yourselves.

Yeah. Thankfully they were still in the packet. Not too keen on the idea of some weirdo getting his jollies by sucking Halloween teeth and then giving them away to kids. Anyway - she was quite please with this sign.

And here's the stuff from inside the jack o'lantern.

So yeah. Two dollars for all that pish. It worked out well too because it's just too bloody hot to be out in the pool. The kids were wilting so they begged me to go indoors. My son in particular because I was fixing the lawnmower and he seemed to have no faith in judging by how upset he got every time I went near it with a tool. So right now we're cowering in the cool house. We;ve tried the Jolly Rancher popsicles (bloody awful) and the kids are still sat there rolling cars and toys over that ramp thing. I'll let them get there two dollars worth out of there stuff, recover for thirty minutes indoors and then it's back out in the pool with them.

Actually I should be able to convince them to let me hose them down again. Snort.

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