Friday, August 24, 2012

Afternoon Play

The kids and I tried to hit a playground again today.

As has been the case for about a month now - the entire thing was swarming with wasps. It's endlessly annoying. For part of Summer - maybe three to four weeks - you have to get to the playground at 8am because it's too hot to actually touch after that. Then there's a good solid month of the demon wasp thing. But we keep trying different places in the hope that the wasps are on vacation. Today my daughter wanted to go to the playground nearest to our house. Nothing fancy at all but it does have lots of places to walk around at. Inveitably the actual playground had been commandeered by yellow jackets. So instead we farted about on the nearby baseball fields and went for a walk. Here's my son and daughter, "playing baseball." Ironically the version they play is much more exciting than the real thing.

The playground we went to near the house does have new parts to it. The old parts are completely puzzling. For example - what is this? I mean I can imagine whta parts of it are for. But the unreachable massive bars? Not a clue. You can tell it's a real thing because it's too old. If it was built now it would probably win the Turner Prize mind.

I hope the other old part of the playground was more fun than it seems to be now originally. Because this really does seem like an art installation.

So we buggered off down to the river for a look-see. As expected the waterfall part of it was brimming with people. So we walked off down the river bank a little until the bugs got too annoying. My son really wanted to go river walking but I wasn't dressed for it (on purpose) so we just headed back to drier land.

After that my daughter asked if she coudl take a video. So we thought we'd try and make a run for it. 

I suppose at some point I should go back and get her...

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