Monday, August 13, 2012

The Frivolous Dump


I have lots of stuff half written. But I can't get it done because I have real-world stuff that needs doing. I also am trying to piece together a photo post with about 150 photos in it - which is absurd and requires finicky paying-attention stuff to get done. It's part of a thing I do where I take a photo (and sometimes a quick video) every day. Most of them never make it to public viewing. Especially the videos. I thought it'd So for the time being I'm going to appeal to most people's sensibilities of having the wool pulled over their eyes with visual stimuli. Here's a quick video of my son this morning after I let the dog out. He's letting you know what the dog is up to by the way.

And this is date-stamped as May 24, 2012.

And this one is from a few weeks ago.

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