Monday, August 13, 2012

The Misfire

Today has stalled.

I had lots to do. Well - I had aims anyway. This morning we had some yard work and then house work planned. But the yard work was stalled by rain. Which was a shame because whilst digging innocently in the mud my son and I found an entire lawnmower.

Never will I understand the logic of people who bury things on their own property. The amount of effort it takes to do something like this hurts my brain. Which is irritating because my brain is hurting already today. I'm having my own misfires.

While my son and I dragged it out (along with some other garbage) my daughter vanished into the house. I assumed to go the bathroom. A few minutes later she was still in there so I pictured her feebly mopping up a puddle of her own urine after an accident. Bah. When the rain hit I sent my son is ahead of me and picked up tools ready to confront a possible foul lake of whizz. By the time I came inside he was sat in his underpants aside his sister - also in her undies - eating an apple. My daughter had disrobed him because he was dirty to ensure he didn't foul up the furniture. She'd poured a cup of juice for her brother, and milk for herself. She was also reading Green Eggs and Ham to him. She's never grabbed her own food and a drink before. Certainly never a drink because a bottle of juice and a gallon of milk is too heavy for her to handle. But she didn't spill anything. No idea how she didn't because that milk bottle is massive and unevenly weighted when poured. She was also fantastically pleased with herself for getting it right and glowing with happiness that her brother appreciated being taken care of. All of which is the complete opposite of how she's been for a week.

Right now though I do need to try and get stuff done while my head doesn't hurt and I can focus somewhat. I've already failed a few times so we escaped to the library to get my kids some stimulation. Silly me didn't factor in the obvious - being that new books would mean reading to them instead of getting a few minutes to myself. Funny how working in selfishness really means finding time to do things that probably need doing. I've read them all now and have plonked the kids in front of Gene Wilder being terrifying in a boat on Willy Wonka. Or - as my daughter calls it - The Wonky Show. Hopefully normal service will return tomorrow if I can shake this mood. 

Ah - I've been typing too long. They've both come and sat on me desperate to feel the warm glow of my presence.

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