Thursday, September 6, 2012

Go School and O-School

There's that yellow bus again. 

When school comes around again you're supposed to be astounded by how less busy you are again. Wellas is usual in these sorts of situations we all stood on the driveway as my daughter waited for the bus. She had her pretty dress on (it's very odd to me that she does this with such enthusiasm) when the rest of the time she isn't all that interested in girly stuff). She had her lunch bag packed and kept wanting to check it to make sure it was all correct. And she was annoyed that the whole morning - the whole massive 90 minutes of it now - was taking so long. She obviously doesn't understand the magnitude of this - school every day for nearly a decade and a half. No matter how you feel - you're going. And as my wife pointed out - everything she does, says or reports goes on a permanent record now. It all matters. That's mental. For my own part I want to do some things - but I'm reluctant to drive off anywhere in case the school call for me to come heroically rescue her. Didn't think I'd have that feeling but there we are.

My son also anxiously awaited his first day of O-School of the year. We're going out early with the dog to mark the occasion. Anyhoo - here's a modified First Day Of School photo with her brother and mother. Taken just before she got on he Big Kid Bus.

But yeah - it won't be lounging about the house while my son tries to figure out how to play by himself. Oh no. There's this for starters. 

But first - it's playground time.

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