Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Invading Herpes Time

Son: Daddy I can't see my eyes.

The last few days my son has decided to get up whenever I have. which is rude. That's very much my time. I know that because I deliberately get up at a time when no other bugger is around and wallow about like a pig in it's own filth. That time - ladies and gentlemen - is what I like to call Herpes Time. And yet yesterday he had the gumption to get up at 4am right after I had. He doesn't even want to be awake. I know that too because if I sit with him for a few minutes he falls back to sleep. The situation became even more ridiculous this morning when he came down just after 3am. He couldn't even get across the room without nearly falling down half asleep. He did manage to tell me, "Daddy I can't see my eyes." Which either means it's too dark or his eyes have crusted shut with sleep gunk. Again I sat with him and he conked right back out again almost immediately.

And yet it took me until this morning to figure something out. My son is madly in love with me. Not in a weird way. But in a completely normal way that a two-and-a-half year old kid becomes crazily attached to one parent. Ask any parent - at some point around that age a child will pick one parent and become insanely clingy - but it's actually really nice! My daughter did that with me as well and for almost 6 months I was her entire world. I made her happier than I've ever been (that I can recall) just by coming home from work. Then one day that suddenly faded and she didn't need me anymore. And truth be told that was pretty unpleasant. But now looking back at the last few week this makes sense. My son is about the same age as she was. And she's buggered off to school as well - leaving him all alone with just me. What if I leave as well!? He's been sleeping right through the night in his own bed and only stirring when his mother has been getting dressed for work. But this last week or so he's come into our bed around 1am and pretty much gripped me like a baby monkey. I would normally wait until I was sure everyone was asleep again and then get up at a semi-reasonable time to enjoy Herpes Time. But he quickly realizes he's not gripping me (but rather a strategically placed pillow) and then legs it down stairs after me.

For the few short moments he's been awake he still wants to be waited on. He wants a drink and a little bowl of dry cereal. Sadly for me the last few days he's had some rank pineapple/orange juice and Cheerios. The first of which smells exactly like fresh cat piss (it's uncanny). And the second reeks of babies being born. That will make no sense to anyone but me I'm afraid. During the early part of my wife enduring contractions for our daughter she thought she should try eating - and she picked Cheerios. Ever since then I can't stand the stench.

Anyhoo - I've been incredibly lazy the last few days with the camera. All I've needed to do is charge the batteries but just forgot/didn't bother. But my wife did have ab unch on her phone from the last few weeks that I've never seen. So here goes.

Here's my son playing "machines" at the in-laws. He got into that a lot for a period and seemed to have drifted from his obsession with Thomas. But he's relapsed. Which I intend to break again by introducing him hardcore to dinosaurs, spaceships and science-stuff. I am so done with Thomas I can't articulate it well enough. 

Here are both the kids in front of a pretty cool train snow-plow.

And here's another one of my daughter's First Day Of School photos. Silly bugger.

Now - let's see if I can convince the little boy to take a nap.

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