Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Weakling

My son has been oozing around the house today. He's been moody, lethargic and whiny. I have no idea who he gets that all from. But then I'm not sick. His mother is. And his sister is moody - which is her biggest indicator that she's sick. But I don't have that. Just a perpetual, unbreakable, vague headache brought on by a fortnight-long sense of I-can't-be-fucking-bothered. It'll pass.

Anyhoo - after seeming to recover a touch and narrating another amazing train escapade (in ridiculous high-pitched voice, no less) he crawled up onto the couch and did this.

Now if you'll excuse me we're on tornado watch. Which means I have to clean the dishes in case the power goes out.Right now the rain is hammering down. It sounds a bit like someone is firing a nail gun at the house. But then considering we've been peppered with walnuts already I'm fearful a large tree-limb - or even the whole bloody thing - might come down. And it was this time last year the basement flooded so - I should go pick up down there too. Here's the driveway this morning.

Those things hurt like a bastard when they hit you. And they will.

Maybe I'll hunt the house for chocolate.....?

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