Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thomas Is A Crotch Rocket

Son: Playground cheese?

Been out most of the morning. My son is walking dead right now but refuses to nap. And he could have since his sister got on the bus too. First we hit the playground. I was going to be sort of lazy and go to the local one. But he really wanted to have fun and that one is old, manky and on a warm day like today probably steaming with wasps. The best way I can describe the upkeep of it is that i seems like a very British playground - which means it looks old, weathered and has clearly been commandeered by arseholes who treat it poorly. So we went to the fancy one in the town next to ours. We were there maybe 30 minutes and left in the end because it was getting hot (bah) and because my son started going on about "playground cheese." I don't know what that is - but I'm pretty sure I don;t want to know either.

Then - after a brief respite at home - we went out so he could play with his new Big Thomas (garage sale).

Right now I'm regretting putting batteries in a fire engine toy that is SO UNBELIEVABLY LOUD that I can hear it over the coping saw the contractor is farting about with. If he does fall asleep I may just hide the whole thing and play dumb.

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