Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Do Not Adjust Your Resolution

My apologies for not writing today.

I've been busy with other things.Mostly with a debilitating headache, a needy child and a foreboding sense of existential discomfort. That seems vague enough. But I did achieve a few things before my son basically demanded to the point of rage (we took turns on who this applied to) that I keep sit with him while he wriggled around. He wouldn't allow me to read, listen to my Mp3 player or actually amuse myself in anyway. Originally I tried to play with him so - with a strangely focused sense of spite - refused to allow me and then just gave up himself. Preferring to just lie on my lap in a way that had to be as uncomfortable for him as it was for me - but made pleasurable for him because I moaned enough about it.

Anyhoo - that was pretty much the entire day. But it ended well. Because I got this monstrosity out of the closet again. What with getting the LL Bean catalog with snow on the cover it now can snow and it's officially not that odd. So - out came the World's Most Stunningly Awful Coat.

Wouldn't put his shoes on though would he - the fussy little bugger.

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