Monday, October 29, 2012

Quick Sand

There's a storm coming.

It's not going to get way up here in central NY till Wednesday. But that didn't stop the local school from closing at noon today. Bit presumptuous I'd say. And as I have to go out this morning I thought I'd pop this quickly on here if only to say I had to endure local news to check that school closing. During which time I learned that a car accident last night is apparently the first casualty of the storm. And I watched a local mayor make the astonishing claim that this storm has caused absolutely mayhem where it's hit in the US so far. The fact that it hasn't hit the US is neither here nor there.

I got annoyed with that and went on the news website. I clicked through a few of the stories if only to gawk at the comments left. Small-town news websites ar elike Youtube in that they seemingly attract only the most deranged and extreme voices around. So this morning I learned this about the storm from 3 different online stories.

1) The local city deliberately didn't pick up the leaves on Friday knowing they'd be blown away.
2) Why isn't there any news about how to help all the abandoned dogs in Long Island (300 miles away).
3) This is media hype to protect Obama.
4) This would be the coolest thing to happen to central NY ever.

Madness. Anyhoo - I've been told by a combination of the news and the alarmist mayor on the news that I need to fill my car with gasoline in case we need to escape to "higher ground".We may be 400 miles inland in the Adirondack Mountains region - but whatever. I may go up north if the power goes out in a few days to be fair. Because when WWIII hits those little mountain towns will be the biggest places around. All those loons who live in the mountains win. Clever buggers.

I need coffee.

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