Monday, October 15, 2012

Robot Finger

You may recognize these little fellas from an old Princess Bounce and Dr. Bonk story.

Actually the only one pictured in that old story is missing. But these are his sordid little brothers. To persuade my kids to take an extra=long bath (so their mother could "do her hair" without interruption) I let them bring them in the bath. My son was too slow and only got the red one on the left which he creatively named Robot. My daughter though was having an attack of pedantry and told him off for suggesting they were robots when everyone knows they are finger puppets that look like robots. I was half-expecting her to follow that snotty point up with, "even a fool knows that Owen."

She's been like that since her mother got home from her last conference. I can't tell if she's trying to impress her mother or is just confused by the myriad of emotions of having her mother home and is just being an arsehole because of it. Either way she's done that sort of thing a lot since Saturday afternoon. A prime example being earlier yesterday when she and her brother had the sort argument only children and football supporters have. In which her brother had said the phrase, "Thomas is on the track" and she sharply corrected him by yelling into his face, "Thomas is on the railway." It very much had that childish, drunken yob feel to it when a group of fans on one train platform can be heard yelling that their football team is by far the greatest football team the world has ever seen. Only for fans of another football team to hear this taunt and remark amongst themselves, "those bastards think that Cheltenham are better than Swindon Town. We should point out back to them in monotone singing that Swindon are - in fact - the greatest football team the world has ever seen."

Regardless once the finger puppet robots were in the bath she allowed her brother put the one he had in a boat (made from the top of a Monkeys In A Barrel game) as long as he agreed that it wasn't named Robot, but was actually him. And to truly emphasize her snottiness she refused to hear him when he wouldn't agree to that, and just said "I didn't hear you, so it is you." Then she said she had named all the other three - one of which was her. The one with a white body and red legs was named Spot. The blue one with four nipples (they might be buttons or lights, but frankly I'm not an expert in robot physiology, so I might be wrong here) she named Dot. And the one-eyed one she said was her. Sadly she then muddled up everything she'd been saying to her brother and named it Finger Me.

Obviously I got out of the bath at that point. I still haven't decided whether I should burn the robots or not.

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