Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wo-Bop, Super Kitten and Mrs. Cheesestick

Since last night my son has been angrily declaring that for Halloween he will be a Wo-Bop.

That's a robot by the way. His mother made him a wonderful dinosaur costume that he genuinely loves. He's been very excited about wearing it. But last night I read him a Curious George story with a robot in it. It's this one.

 And after reading the story and making a protracted silly thing about how scary that robot is supposed to be he begged me to be a Wo-bop today. I said no. This morning he's kept it up. I've told him that it's not possible. He has another costume. We don't have a robot one. So ergo impossible. Judging by his anger and tears he's heard, "I hate you and your stupid face. I'm selling you today for Halloween candy. Because I hate you. Then I will spend the night dressed as a Wo-Bop hunting down stupid dinosaur-boys and taunting them. I am the best and you smell."

That about covers it. The kids outfits look great though. I did actually put together a Captain Cheesestick outfit. But seeing as my daughter chose not to be Princess Bounce and my son didn't want to be Dr. Bonk it seems sort of silly. It also dawned on me that I am not going to a Halloween party. And the costume is so restrictive that I can't wear it to a school party today because you can't drive in it. Add I can't get it on alone. And I'm not putting on what looks like a might be a rape-suit with the aid of my daughter's kindergarten teacher. No sir. All being well - it's pretty odd. If I saw someone show up at an elementary school in it I'd definitely call the police. The long and short if it then is I realized that I'd bought and put together a superhero costume for someone that I made up to wear in my spare time. Which is mental. Here's me in it.

As my wife was taking the kids to a firehall party thing the other night I suggested she try it on. she thought it looked decent but felt awful. She looked much better than me in it. It's probably the boots that tie it together. I realized that the only choices I had were cowboy boots, running shoes, work boots or dress shoes. And you can't wear any of those. You wouldn't want to look ridiculous now would you?

Anyway - here's the three of them scrambling around.

And to tie it all together here are some quickie photo's of Jack O Lanterns we made.

Have a Happy Halloween everyone.

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