Sunday, October 21, 2012

Work It Out

She's so helpful.

Earlier my wife snuck off upstairs to have a bash at an old Cathe Friedrich workout DVD she has. I then watched without even making a token effort to stop the kids as they charged up after her five minutes later. Five minutes after that it sounded like the three of them were randomly shocking a donkey with a bolt-gun in the bedroom. Obviously I had to go check. So five minutes later I heroically went upstairs. My wife was bravely attempting to do some insane levitating thing from the video (nb -: check later whether this is actually a workout video or training to become a wizard). My son had apparently not spent the entire time trying to wrestle onto his mother like she was his own personal play-burro. Which is slightly annoying because that we he definitely would have done to me. More amusingly though he spent the time hunting down and collection all the dirt and fluff from around the bedroom and then repeatedly dropped it on her face as she lay defenseless on the ground.

My daughter though took this as an opportunity to be helpful. She knew that even better than Friedrich (and seriously - nobody is in more frightening shape than that woman) would be her. So she plonked the camera down and filmed five different videos. These are my two favorites. The first one because it's 2.45 long and is at such a bad angle it's mostly of her feet. So obviously I considered selling that to an exclusive website. Apparently I'm not allowed to though. I like the second one best though because she just goes mental for thirty seconds but insists without any doubt in her mind that it is better than the real thing.

If anything it's funny just to hear how annoyed the wife gets as her son climbs on her head.

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