Thursday, November 29, 2012

Actually Scary


Apparently the Man With Pants On Head video wasn't scary enough for some of you. Well these are the two photos my daughter took right after that one on the camera. First of all here's my son not at all impressed that his sister is taking photos of him. Feel his contempt....

And this is truly frightening. I'd just taken the garbage out and my daughter started taking photos of me singing and dancing (majestically - as I'm sure you'll agree) in the mud room. For the record I was singing the theme tune to Danger Mouse.

This is how my daughter spent her morning. I find this quite disturbing.

Still not frightening enough? How about this appalling piece of history. University does this to you. This is 1998 (or was it 97?). I hadn't gone to university after school but went when I was 22. So I'd been looking like a complete weirdo for years at this point. And I'd toned it down an awful lot in this photo. I was wearing that girl's blouse (she was tiny so how I got it on I'll never know) and another girls fake-fur coat. I have a lot of hair-ties in and much makeup on. And I still had an annoying plethora of body piercings about my person - of which the lip one is the only one you can see here. That was the most normal color my hair was for about six months as well. Thankfully I was sat in a lecture shortly after and noticed the swathe of lip-pierced weirdos about the lecture hall. I then realized that there were an awful lot of very similar looking so-called individuals that looked ridiculous - not for what they were wearing (patently a lie...) but because of the obvious strain to hide a genuine identity underneath all that crap. It actually amuses me that I secretly tried both a local and the campus church on and off around this time. 

Now that is scary.

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