Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ice Ice Baby

Obstacle: A frozen Ob. 

An old one but I had my son laughing like an idiot this morning with that one. Mind you he also randomly pointed at my hair and laughed just as much.  Anyhoo - another cold morning. Although absurdly it's going to be 70 this weekend. I have a pretty busy morning and my daughter has a half day at school so for now this has fast become a photos and video post. First up waiting for the bus and an ice-based assault.

Secondly a boy at school drew a massive worm for my wife. No context for it. He just did. It's about as long as my forearm.

And a lady that I see sometimes whilst picking my daughter up gave a few cookies to my kids. So my daughter randomly made her a heart thank you card. She said she tried to write "thank you for the cookies, love Evelyn" on it but ran out of room so "had to leave some letters out". Which is pretty economical. Although now the message just seems vulgar for some reason.

And finally - pure smugness.

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