Saturday, November 17, 2012

Shrimp Knickers

In spite of the title of this entry this isn't, amazingly about women from Leeds.

No it's actually a protracted scare-game my daughter came up with. Which was to cut out a picture of some shellfish (of which I am deathly-allergic) and then to randomly surprise me with it throughout the day - just for a laugh. Yes that's right - she hid a picture of a shrimp bowl from Aldi down the back of her pants (and - perplexingly - a head band) so she could frighten me with them.

Obviously I realize that I have pretty much given any would-be assassins amongst you a significant weakness that I suffer. But I'm not frightened at all. Frankly if one of you traveled all the way to central New York state and purchased shellfish then you've already lost. Actually I did think it would be a fantastical Columbo-style storyline to have someone bump off another character - also deathly allergic ro something like shellfish or peanuts - by wiping their lickable envelopes with traces of it. Or weirder - the corner of a book they were reading - so that every tim they licked their fingers to turn the pages they brought themselves ever closer to anaphylaxis. Mwahahahaha, etc.

Also today I dragged a box of Thanksgiving stuff out of the attic. It's mostly homemade little things and a small stuffed turket toy thing. But it also includes this beauty - as modeled by my beautiful assistant, "the wife" -:

I also had this appalling photo taken of me today by my daughter. I was getting ready to go running once her mother got home from work. It was only 38 degrees out so I had a fleece and a hat on. However for some reason I was stood like a Littlewoods underpants model.

Which is still a better photo than this bizarre photo that must be a week old (haven't worn that shirt in a week so...). Not a clue what I'd be doing (or sniffing, for that matter) but I have the expression of someone who is absolutely certain that the family pony has definitely been inseminated this year.

And lastly I mentioned not too long ago that my neighbor (nice bloke - if not somewhat eccentric) has a collection of the same three cars that he runs in specific seasons as none of them are suitable for all weather. And that this is amusing because he hides an 84 Corvette under his house that he goes for a run about in every once in a while. Well - last weekend he added this to his mud-puddled backyard. I couldn't give two stuffs about cars but I'm of the understanding that this is quite a vehicle. ood for him, I say.

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