Monday, November 12, 2012

The Little Artists

This afternoon I though I'd post some of the pictures my kids made lately. Pretty self-explanatory. To get you in the mood here's that photo of my son "channeling his creativity" - which frankly sounds like how pompous people describe pooing.

First up this is a drawing my daughter made yesterday. It's her and her new toy bird. Her grandparents bought her this plush Baltimore Oriole that is supposed to sing. Oddly they still bought it even though it didn't work. Then the next morning it began to work somewhat. And by that I mean you would squeeze it and it would tweet prettily for a brief moment before then grunting like a murderous dalek. Thankfully it stopped by yesterday evening.

This is essentially the sort of thing my son draws. Spirals on paper mostly with a black pencil - but sometimes he gets a little adventurous. On some days you can tell he's dialling it in when he squiggles a two inch scribble and then hands me a piece of paper. He can do that 15 times - telling me in detail who this effort is for - before giving up clearly bored. But when he's drawing these with more than one color he concentrates like he's drawing a to-scale topographical map.

This is a picture my daughter drew that she calls "Mommy Up A Tree." She refuses to elaborate any further.

There's a little red squirrel that lives in the backyard underneath the pile of wood that has been crudely lumped together from felled trees and old flooring from the house. It's a right evil little bastard, judging by the noise it makes and aggressive nature as it launches across huge swathes of the back yard to chase grey squirrels. My daughter has decided to send it mail. This is a birthday card for it's parents - suspiciously born on the same day (Rick Santorum warned us about the long, slippery slope of accepting gay relationships and how it would lead to this sort of thing - but did we listen?) - that she made earlier today. Frankly I suspect the "parents" may be the same sex. I did look up how you could tell and got this hilarious response which - after a nice first paragraph advises wisely "check out the squirrels genitals." I'll get right no that. Anyway this picture is kind of a mess - but it is ready to be tucked into a hole in the woodpile outside for tomorrow's party.

Another beauty. It's a collection of different dog-prints that my daughter was motivated to make from seeing the same thing in another book. That's about the crux of that - but I'm greatly impressed that she has now decided to borrow books from the library and then just copy the pictures.

Thsi is another dog craft. I think I'm confusing several craft books now - but I think it was an idea for making a dog-food menu and then letting your dog pick out what it wanted. But then she made it by cutting out holiday cookies and desserts from her mother's recent magazines and then stuck a clipping of a dog on it. It's on the fridge so she values it enough, and that's all that matters.

This is one of my son's paintings. I call it 50 Shades Of Grey. I call it that because he gradually took the 6 or 7 pots of paint we had left and mixed them all together over a morning until they were all just various shades of drab, dirty grey. This was the first painting when there was still some brightness to the orange and yellow. I assure you that didn't last long. I also call it 50 Shades Of Grey because I think the kind of women who read that book and found it erotic are the sort of women who look at any old picture and are likely to see a cock in it.

Lastly - this is a "snow Thomas" that my daughter made for her brother. She's actually been bringing home a fair few drawings of trains from school for him. She's even managed to co-opt some other kids to do some for her brother. If she keeps this up I imagine for Christmas she'll surprise him with an actual full-scale train - painted by all the neighborhood children.

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