Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Nostril Fetish and Ten Bears

Let's tidy away a few quick things.

First up I forgot to mention that I had a close call on Wednesday.I was cutting down quite a sizable walnut tree in the backyard and somehow (logistically it makes NO sense at all) managed to nick my knuckle with the chainsaw. But I'm as tough as ten bears so carried on regardless. Actually as you can see I really did just about nick it and pulled my hand away instantly.As it's a chainsaw I think it's safe to say a brief moment more and I'd have lost my favorite finger for picking my nose with.

Today my daughter made me a gift. It's a dung beetle. I confess to being terrified when she told me that. She told me she had to go get it and then went around the corner. The important thing to note here is that - for reasons that still aren't clear - she changed pants between telling me she'd made me a gift and then telling me it was a dung beetle.

Annoyingly the next photo is of a delicious stove-top no-bake cookie (peanut butter oatmeal with a nice blob of Nutella) that looks a bit like the main food of a dung beetle. We call it Splodge. My daughter - the clever little bugger - remembered that you own a piece of food once you've licked it. So she licked it.

It started snowing this morning. Not a lot but a dusting at least that allowed me to see how small the old snow clothes are. The kids have two sets - a good set that all fit and a mix and match set that pretty much don't. My son is modelling a coat that only works because his gloves come up to his elbows. But - and if you live in a snowy place you will understand this entirely - the last thing I wanted to do was "go play in the snow" when it was that wet dusting at 33 degrees that just soaks right through everything. Guaranteed they'd get wet and muddy very fast - which would be a total annoyance to do to their decent snow stuff. Anyhoo - here's my son trying to catch snow on his tongue.

Lastly my daughter wanted to video the snow when it started. So I gave her the camera. It ended up being a sort of nostril-fetish/spelunking video.

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