Monday, November 19, 2012

The Tea Cosy

This has been seen elsewhere by some social media friends of mine but still - most people who read this don't come via there so.....

I put this hat on yesterday. My wife said "You can't wear that - it's a woman's hat." She then told me EVERYONE knows this is a woman's hat. I've been wearing this on and off for 5 years. 

After posting this to my Facebook account and receiving the kind of mockery that I've become used to from "friends" it was mentioned that it looks an awful lot like a tea cosy. Which led one of my online brethren of The Big Swell fame (please do give him a spin) to monkey with the photo and produce this lovely his-head-is-a-tea-pot-with-cosy effort.

Obviously this led to further silliness. By the way I have never looked as simple as this ever.

All of which I showed my daughter this afternoon. My daughter didn't recognize me at first. Which I actually am thankful for. Because the resolution and the holding-of-water in my mouth makes me look deformed. Not knowing what a tea cosy is - nor having seen an actual teapot in action - it made no sense to her whatsoever. She did though remark (after asking why I made a video of myself spitting) that, "you're only supposed to do that in the bath Daddy." 

See - she is English.

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