Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Visual Stimuli

I figured I'd chuck up some recent photos along with the video I mentioned last time out. So without further ado...

Here's a video of my daughter's class singing. I genuinely cannot make out a single comprehensible word. My daughter sings at home and it doesn't have that slow, drawling sound to it. Is that just naturally how a group of kids singing sounds or is how all kids everywhere are taught to sing in a group? Not a clue. My daughter said she really enjoyed it though.

Another in a long line of photos of my son looking absolutely smashed.

Not a clue what's going on here. It's from 4 days ago though and my son looks demented.

In an effort to make my son look manly and tough I figured I'd put him in this fetching Christmas sweater as often as possible over the coming month. I'm sure he'll be delighted.

 Speaking of manliness every time we have a bath he dips this annoying walrus (Willy the Walrus) in the water until it fills up and then shrieks in a high-pitched girl-panic voice "Willy is peeing on you!" My biggest fear is that someone can hear him.

Infrequently my kids do something REALLY stupid. This was one of those times. They told me they wanted to paint a tunnel for their train set. Which I have no problem with. But ten minutes later I came back and they had it on the carpet - still soaking wet with paint. Which is why I'm extremely happy that you can buy washable paint these days.

And lastly - I LOVE the illustrations in a children's Bible we have in the house. The written content is too fluffy and detached from it's original meaning. But the illustrations are generally fantastic. This is a page that I can't figure out at all. Two things. The guy on the right is supposed to be Jesus. Secondly the drawing is for Gospel of John, 5 (which is this) in which Jesus heals someone and some watching question him and chide the healed man for "working" on the Sabbath. At no point in the inside the story does Jesus get in the pool. Every single choice the illustrator makes - the green in the water, the weird choices of clothes, the facial expressions - fascinates me.

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