Monday, December 3, 2012

I'm Afraid We Had To F8 Your Daughter

My daughter is mocking me.

First off - she's home from school. She has the cold. And I had estimated that at lunchtime she'd have sufficiently coughed and wiped her nose enough for the right number of people to have commented that she was sick. And for reasons that escape me the three times I've been called by the school nurse have all come when it was noticed at lunchtime that she was sick. In short - the lunch aide is a warrior fighting illnesses. Or ejecting them from anywhere near them, at least. My favorite part of this particular nurse-call though was when I was told my daughter has a very sore throat and runny nose, and that her temperature is 100.6. I asked what the nurse would advocate. Because I'm happy to come get her if that's what the nurse wanted, but you know - if she is fine other than a cold then it's likely in everyone's best interests if she stay in school. The nurse instantly replied, "well, what did the doctor say?" I informed the nurse that I obviously hadn't been to the doctor because it's a cold. Not only that - a cold that had manifested very recently. The nurse then gave a nice big fat dose of judgement by saying, "well when you do take her to the doctor they may give her antibiotics". That's right - the school nurse who is an actual medical professional - just recommended I take someone with a day old cold to a doctor. So we just came home. If she's sick in a few days still then we'll go the doctor route.

Secondly - I showed my daughter that awful video in the last entry where I told a very bad joke and then hammed it up. She quickly remarked, "I couldn't laugh at that Daddy because it wasn't funny." Ouch. So she then insisted I make a quick video of her showing me how it's really done.

Seriously? Tola? That's not even a real word.

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