Monday, February 11, 2013

90 Minutes

I think that's about the total of sleep I got.

My daughter came into our bed around 12.45am. And due to the cacophonous cough she has left over from her flu (actually I suspect it's an entire independent one because my son and I have a cold but no flu to speak of) and wriggling she didn't sleep until 3.45am. At which point I was very much done. I wanted to get up earlier purely because lying awake is bloody awful. And her excessive twisting, barrel-rolling was just that annoying. But if I had given in and come downstairs before the cough medicine actually gave her enough respite to fall asleep then she would have followed me. Luckily for me I loaded my MP3 player with this cracking podcast series from the excellent Robin Ince and Josie Long. I could listen to Ince for hour after hour - and subsequently did.

Anyhoo - my daughter is not going to school. No - she's doing this instead.

I suspect that's as jolly as she's going to get today. And my son and I will be doing a lot of this.

I'm presuming that my predicted snotty-cold-fueled crash into a tired arseholishness will coincide with his 2pm descent into, "I'm nearly three years old so stick your rules up your Bilbo Baggins" fervent rage.

Looking forward to it.

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