Monday, March 4, 2013

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

I have been rather busy and shall be today. So to tide you over until then...

- Here's a photograph of my son on the toilet. As you can see he made his mother hold his hand while he did it. He also has his Thomas in there to watch as well. I should point out that his mother was told quite forcefully that she wasn't in there to talk - just for emotional support. I don't know if you've ever felt the need to ask a parent to sit with you while you go to the toilet. Personally I haven't. But I imagine that either you could foresee it was going to be quite a tricky maneuver or just a moment that you dearly wanted to share with a loved one. You know - to start a new thing you could do together. So go on - why not reach out to a parent or grandmother today and tell them, "I want you to hold my hand while I have a shit in front of a toy train."

- I asked my daughter to pick a photo that I took over the last few days. Sadly she picked one of the ones of me in my underpants after I worked out. I'm not vain - I just wanted to see if I looked in better shape. You don't need to see that (except you lovely people who signed up for the Premium Account emails, obviously). So instead for you commoners here's a photograph of a cup of hot chocolate. Ironically it features around about the same quantity of "hot" and "delicious". It does though have a considerably larger chocolate ring in it than the other photo. You get what you pay for.

- Oh - I wanted to mention before I forget that on Friday at the Salvation Army I saw a shirt for a 6 year old girl that had the text, "I Surrender!" on it. I think that may be conveying the wrong message entirely. Either that or I've completely missed a cultural movement that involves that statement or quote. It seems like it could be a Twilight quote - although even at only two words in length it still is likely to be too well written. Anyway - broadcasting that on your shirt seems ill advised. Unless of course it's aimed at kidnappers - in which case excellent work there clothing manufacturers.

- And for no apparent reason....

I'll see if I can get a real thing written later tonight.

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