Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday On Tap

The sun is out.

Was actually a nice day yesterday. A nice day to round off an awesome weekend. How could it not be with a weekend that involved a trip to the Science Museum in Syracuse, a bloody good lunch out at a good restaurant (that for me involved Andouille sausage - I could have broken down on the the thru-way but having sausage of pretty much any kind would have made the day a plus) while a blues band played, a few good 7 mile runs, a nice splash about in the mud with my kids (they LOVED that) and discovering that Red Bridge gluten free beer is surprisingly good. We did a bunch of other stuff too and the weekend didn't feel rushed at all.

So with the sun out again my daughter decided to dress, "like a girl in Hawaii"for school today. Which is fine because it's always like an oven in that place. But outside it's all just wet, sloppy and muddy. So my job was to get her from the front door to the bus without getting mud cacked all over her. Her job before that - according to her - was to tap dance.

And I'm sure you can all applaud that I did get her to the bus without getting muddy. She did, however, stand in one of the astounding amounts of dog poo all over the driveway (no clue why but when it's deep with snow he insists on dropping his Minstrels where it's been plowed) and then somehow manage to step on my thigh. Which meant she was clean and my reservations for wearing khaki's on such a sloppy day were born out after just twenty minutes. Thankfully I got them changed before the nickname Shit-Pants Buckley gained any popularity.

Now - time to take my son to the train station so he can watch a real train chuff in and out.

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