Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Snow Day

It's the first day of Spring.

So obviously we had a snow day yesterday. So to make the most of it we must have been outside for nearly three hours. During which time my daughter did her best Sisyphus impersonation and made these three enormous snowballs. The druids who made Stonehenge (the finest henge in all the world) didn't shove their massive lumps as far as my daughter rolled those things.

And today she should be off to school leaving me and her brother the chance to go do something fun before doing some work later. All the while their mother is making her way on a short-notice impromptu trip to Colorado. She left at 3.30am this morning. Hopefully she'll be back in the wee hours of Friday. But after checking her flights she may be victim to the disgrace that is air travel ticketing. That being you fork over $500 for a flight, the company takes your money and then just sells your seat to someone else and balls to you and inconvenience that causes you. Which would be okay (not really - but she always jumps at the chance of getting bumped) if she wasn't taking the last flight home.

Right - I apparently have to go on a practice Easter egg hunt....

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