Monday, March 11, 2013

The Happiest Boy In The World

Oh yes.

Spent half an hour at the local train station. Saw a huge goods train rumble through. Then the actual train - one of only 3 each day that comes through - arrived. Much to the complete surprise of the person getting on it who remarked that it is always an hour late. Speaking of which - the number of people who got on the train? Two. Number who got off? Two. No wonder Amtrak is going down the toilet. Still - I picked up their brochure and their marketing still manages to convince you thatit's a great idea to jump on it and go up north to Montreal for a quick break. Even though the only things I've ever heard about cross-country trains in this country are tales of utter woe and fifteen hour sweatbox-prison cars to go a 3 hour journey.

Sod that though. My son thought the station - old fashioned, pleasantly warm and completely empty - was nice. And he loved the trains.

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