Friday, October 18, 2013

The Triptych

Son: Blaaargh.
Me: Yes, blaaargh.

Just to make getting back into the swing of things (as far as writing this goes) more interesting it would appear me and the kids have a stomach bug. It's really just happenstance that their mother has gone out of town at the same point. My son had a pretty naff day yesterday. I still haven't decided if his body squeezing itself so that gunk comes out every 30 minutes means that it's more efficient or just more primitive. It still amazes me the complete and utter lack of forewarning his body gives him before it decides that whatever is inside him MUST COME OUT AT ONCE. I know a good ten seconds beforehand. And my daughter is just old enough that she has about a five second window. His sister - thankfully - has so far avoided the pukey side of things. And as most parents know being this close to this much gut-rot means you absolutely can't avoid it yourself. So by the evening yesterday I had started to endure that awful sense of nausea that meant having to calculate what distance I was from a toilet at all times. Whilst at the same time simultaneously making sure that I wasn't hogging one of the bathrooms that the two kids might need to very quickly visit themselves. I haven't cleaned toilets this often in some time.

Anyhoo - the night sucked and two of us are annoyingly tired. At least my son can conk right back out and sleep floppily between bouts. My daughter made a few trips of her own to the bathroom but seemingly with a lot less disruption than the boy and I. Which I would gladly have taken yesterday if offered to us. But we've essentially been flopped in a pile of three - with me in the middle acting as a support beam - since yesterday afternoon. I'm hoping it was just the notorious 24 Hour Bug and today will be the actual unwinding recovery day. But frankly I'm not feeling all that different and the force of violent arse-wretching for my son is every bit as vile, even if the frequency of it has slowed down somewhat. Sadly the poor bastard is in that stage where he's still gagging but with sod all else to come out. So yeah - fingers crossed tomorrow we're all fine and dandy.

And you can only hope their mother doesn't have it and it rears it's ugly head right in the middle of a cross-country flight. That sounds revolting.

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  1. not fun when the kids are ill and you have to deal with it when you feel cruddy too - hope you all feel better asap!