Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Ghost In Your Underpants

Son: Yay!! Daddy likes me!!

Sorry - I've been awfully busy. Still am in fact so this will be thankfully short.

That above was my son's response at being allowed dessert yesterday. Not sure what I'd done to give him the impression that I didn't like him. But it did remind me how temporal each particular emotion a three year old holds can be. He hasn't told me since that I don't like him, so I'm happy with that. He has, however, told me, "you have a ghost in your underpants Daddy." Which sounds like a cruelly harsh judgement of the usefulness of what goes on in there now I'm divorced. I tried to mae a, "putting the willies up someone" joke back to him, but he didn't get it at all. Probably because he's American.

My daughter has also come up with a fascinating new organic method of gluing things together. She waltzed up to me while she was eating breakfast yesterday and told me to come look at something she'd, "invented." Next to her bowl of cereal was a blob of paper being held together by what I think was an inadvertent spillage of milk. Which she had then rubbed into the paper with a glue stick. At which point she noticed how it all stuck together (more dissolved, really). She's going to market the product very soon as Moo Sticks. She thinks it'll be a real winner.

I've also made you all a brand new screen saver. Technically I just took the photograph and my daughter made the actual visuals happen. It's actually quite innocent in context as she has paint under her fingernail and wanted me to see it. Not sure what the absurd emo-posturing is about though. Still - it's a marvelous thing.

And if that sort of thing is unnaceptable here's my son and I pretending to be elephants (don't panic...).


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