Friday, January 24, 2014

Anil Daz

Today as part of my job I literally had to Google the phrase, "Anal Mars Love Nest".

I know why you all read this. It’s not for the witty repartee or the self-acknowledgement of, “Yes!! There’s a woman at my office too who only wears pink zebra-print lycra-pants too!! Leggings soo tight you can see a cave so dark and wet you swear there are Chilean miners trapped up there!!!” It’s not even for the schadenfreude. And boy is there some quality joy-in-pain to be had. No – it’s the steady flow of updates on people with names that in English sound like your bottom. Hence why I know you'll be ecstatic that I came across a person named Anil Daz.  Which sounds like a phenomenally specific cleaning product.

I also encountered a large number of people named Fark  and an individual named Oo Chit. No word on whether they're male or female. I am eagerly waiting to come across someone named Fap (so to speak) and am encouraged that this will happen after coming across a person named Kawa Punga who lived on a Mongkok Road (I am a pathetic child). Lastly you'll be delighted to know that I watched as the Indian company Anil Traders slid across my computer screen. I genuinely wiped my computer down with toilet paper after seeing that.

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