Thursday, January 30, 2014

Its Just An Idea

Tis the season to be squeezing.

There's quite a hard-core group of people that I work with who are obsessive about coffee. Not the evil pish that comes in the form of Monster or Amp drinks. But the pure, simple nicety that is a cup of coffee. Or - in this case - about nine cups of the stuff every day. I drink an absurd quantity of coffee. But there are a couple of people here who basically are never without a cup of it - black and strong - held up to their lips. Over Christmas a few of them pitched in together to buy some Deathwish coffee. That's basically the strength of a pot of coffee in one cup. Personally I enjoy the act of drinking it every bit as much as the drug itself. So as an alternative I firstly brought in a tub of dark-chocolate covered coffee beans. But then I also mentioned civet coffee. To my amazement nobody had heard of a coffee intentionally collected after an animal has digested it a bit and then shat it out. After fervently checking it out online the decision was made that it was simply just too expensive to buy. Especially as there was a strong chance it would literally taste like shit.

Which is where my idea of making our own brand of civet coffee was proposed. After all - the chocolate coffee beans are already there. "All we would need is a five-gallon bucket, a funnel, some cheese cloth and a few of us to nibble them all down." Coincidentally the drawn-teeth expressions instantly raised by the people hearing that plan of mine is the exact expression I imagine we'd all make after taking the first sip. And while we all laughed that suggestion off I was honestly terrified that thirty minutes later that one of them would show up at my desk with a their hands clasped together, muttering, "do you have the bucket - I've already started."

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