Saturday, January 25, 2014


My daughter asked me last week if we can drink dog milk.

Now, I'm not entirely sure if she meant, "we" as a society or, "can we go out and milk a dog?" Still, I pretended it was the first one and said it's because people like dogs, they probably don't make a lot of milk and it likely tastes like dog treats and bad breath. I emphasized that last part on the off chance she was considering milking her own dog. But who knows - it might be delicious.

Still it gave me a chance to go on and on about how it's strange that we've chosen certain animals to eat and milk from, but consider and dalliance with others to be strange and barbaric. Go on - tell an American (any one will do) that you really want to eat a horse. Or worse - a dog. You might as well be crapping onto the American flag for the reaction you'' get from saying that. And just for the irony tell them whilst eating a ham and cheese omelet at a diner (literally eating shaved pig bits, cow juice and a chicken's period there).

I though did point out to my daughter that she should stick to milk provided by a trusted person. Just because she's passing a farm filled with cows is no reason to demand the driver stop so she can grab a drink. Don't want to wander down that road. Incidentally I have a photo of just such a thing occurring.

And before you ask - yes that is me. Can't remember that man's name at all though.

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