Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Annoying Delay


Yes I'm well aware I haven't written anything in a bit. It's flown by too. All this working and nonsense is an irritating blockade in the way of writing stuff down. Annoyingly I still don't have any internet service at my home. But there will be changes in the next couple of weeks. So yeah - I'll get back on the pony at that point.

More importantly I think is that I'm going to modify this blog. I have a few concurrent (and unlinked) things going and decided that - balls to it - I'll just merge them all into one. So one is a work-related thing that I'll make more vague (less fireable in other words) and another is a collection of the random nonsense that I think of on a daily basis and doesnt really have a home. Which I think is fine. Because this is no longer a thing about me staying home with my kids. Plus, judging by the stacks of note-paper I've scribbled inane guff all over lying around my house, I have plenty to actually type up.

So yeah - gimme a bit. It'll be worth the wait. I promise. If only for the astounding number of people I've encountered with christian names that sound like Karma Sutra chapters. Oh - and a weird dream I had that involved putting Rohypnol in the entire water supply for my office.

Oh now you're interested....


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