Friday, January 31, 2014

The Magic Picture Box Stole My Soul

I've mentioned it before, but my son is either Amish or in the Taliban.


Nine out of ten times if you point a camera at him he'll get very angry. Either he thinks the magic picture box will steal his soul or he's aware that his picture has been circulated by Interpol. Here his grandparents made the mistake of telling him they were taking his picture at a restaurant. As he's my son I can tell just from this photo that he's become so enraged that he's in the middle of chanting an incantation to send the flying monkeys from The Wizard Of Oz directly into the face of the person taking the photo.

He gets like this almost anytime you mention photos. For example, I told him and his sister I wanted a photo of them parading about in the snow outside my house. She stood still. He buggered off.

Of course, there are a few tiny exceptions to this rule. For example, let him decorate cookies and he becomes positively full of himself. Here his mother snapped him to send to me and he almost burst from being so proud.

But you have to be canny sometimes. Often you just have to sneak a photo and hope it turns out ok. But holding a camera phone up isn't discreet anymore. It's now fairly obvious when you're in public and are stood five feet from a stranger and pointing a phone vaguely at them. They then instantly know it's either because they are dressed like a twat or you like their cleavage so much you simply MUST have a photo of it.

Anyhoo - you get maybe a second to steal a photo (and, ergo, his soul...). Right at the end of which he'll give you this caught-on look of, "wait.......are you stealing a picture?"

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