Monday, February 10, 2014

Moms I Wouldn't Like

Today I have encountered perhaps the most ridiculous name for people who are supposed to be nefarious.

Things could have been different. Over a decade ago when a bunch of Saudi men flew planes into buildings in New York City they could have done so under a different name. Obviously the name they gave themselves had meaning. And being media-savvy they knew that in different parts of the world their name and translations would carry certain kinds of weight. But just imagine if 15 years ago it was under the name of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front that the US was attacked.

Part of my job is to monitor international financial sanctions levied against individuals and groups around the globe. Which is where I encountered the above group. That's not their name in Arabic. And the literal translation isn't that either. But I take great comfort that in the West we have dubbed an armed, religious-based militant group (that sounds like a BBC definition) so that their initials are represented as MILF.

Good Lord that would be a supremely disappointing website to go to.

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