Friday, February 7, 2014


Imagine it.

1) I've realized that in work I'm drinking coffee at such an alarming rate that I always have a fresh cup on hand before the prior one is finished. Effectively this is like a chain smoker lighting a cigarette off the last one.

2) In the cafeteria I have just heard one man accuse another of "brown-bagging it today". Which sounds graphically groteque.

3) Yesterday I was asked to run a moderately secret report and given as littel detail as possible. The results were to be provided to management with the Column Desciptors of I and O only - with an ever increasing series of numbers next to them. This data would be easily determined by them as they understood the context. However when someone quizzed me about what I was doing I argued that I was recording the number of financial transactions on a given date where the US government knew the credit party involved had either an Inny or an Outy bellybutton. I think I got away with that one.

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