Monday, February 17, 2014

Mr. Frosty

Yep, that's a pube.

I realize it has been awhile since I entertained my own childishness with regards foreign names. Which is why I'm delighted to mention that last week I had to Google the search term, "Anil Kale." I prayed it was a name and not an organic, natural growing method for growing greens. I feared that somewhere someone had traveled home from Whole Foods with their partner and was tucking into their dinner - only to question, "honey, did you wash these greens? They taste incredibly gritty?"I also had to check out someone with the name Anil Azman - which has to be made up. I can't handle that sort of childishness.

I also got to witness the kind of awkwardness you don't usually get to observe in the workplace. That being a brand, new male employee having trouble with the rather commonplace network connection-platform Citrix. Nothing that odd about that. But it certainly raised an eyebrow (and potentially crossed a few legs) when they walked up to the collection of female managers and loudly announced, "I can't get into the Cervix..." without any explanation of context.

I have to go out and buy gloves in a minute. I liked the last pair I had a great deal but the girlfriend's dog molested one of them. I'm somewhat tempted to actually purchase a pair of idiot mittens. But that seems like the sort of thing a Hipster would do. Still I'm sick of getting to my desk in work and then watching for eight hours as it cacks down with snow at 2 degrees Fahrenheit - all the time fully aware that my gloves are on the passenger seat of my Granny Wagon.

Last weekend the girlfriend and I popped into Lowes for a couple of things. Whilst there we had a quick look around the appliances. Every now and again there are some pretty decent deals. One that particularly caught our eye was a returned washing machine. Price was good. Condition was obviously good. The original purchaser had returned it because it had a dent in it. They still used it once though - which is a touch odd. The price had been cut by a quarter so we took a look at it. Sadly it quickly became apparent that the staff at this Lowes hadn't cleaned the thing after it came back. The tray inside still had soap in it. But worse - right in the middle of the panel inside was a disturbing pube.

Lastly - not to cast aspersions upon my girlfriend - but I think it says something about her character that an enormous ice-penis is growing (seemingly naturally) out of the ground around back of her house.

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