Saturday, May 3, 2014

Try To Remember

Ladies and Gentlemen - the Chronicles are now closed. The story is done. The final chapter about to be written. I'll move on to something else of course. I love writing inane shit too much not to. But it feels right to draw one final, fat line under this. Three years with some fits and starts. Two years elsewhere before here. But the story has to end. You can't remove every character bar one and pretend it's the same thing. And that's okay.

I had some thoughts on what to say. But I simply couldn't do any better than the below.

Yehuda Amichai – Try To Remember Some Details

Try to remember some details. Remember the clothing of the ones you love.
So that on the day of loss you'll be able to say:
"Last seen wearing such-and-such, brown jacket, white hat."
Try to remember some details.
For they have no face and their soul is hidden and their crying is the same as their laughter,
and their silence and their shouting rise to one height
and their body temperature is between 98 and 104 degrees
and they have no life outside this narrow space
and they have no graven image, no likeness, no memory
and they have paper cups on the day of their rejoicing
and paper cups that are used once only.

Try to remember some details.
For the world is filled with people who were torn from their sleep
with no one to mend the tear,
and unlike wild beasts they live each in his lonely hiding place and they die together on battlefields and in hospitals.
And the earth will swallow all of us, good and evil together, like the followers of Korah.
All of them in this rebellion against death,
their mouths open till the last moment,
praising and cursing in a single howl.


Try to remember some details.


  1. Want say something. Can't think of anything meaningful to say. Sx

  2. I too want to say something meaningful but all I can think of this - Hakuna Matata